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Class Dojo



Class Dojo (http://www.classdojo.com) is a realtime behaviour management system for teachers who have an internet-enabled computer and a projector (connected classroom) or IWB.
You start by creating an account and setting up a class by typing in the names of your students. Avatars for each student are automatically generated during this process. You can change the avatar for any child later if you wish.
In class, you select a student and award a positive point for behaviour such as creativity, hard work, presentation, etc.
You can also award negative points for bad behaviour, when a student doesn't bring homework or if he/she arrives late, etc.
Think of it like a digital star chart with added extras. The points can be awarded individually or, by selecting all students, you can give everyone a point. On the board, you can show only the positive or only the negative points the students get.

You can also undo if you make a mistake or change your mind, and it's possible to reset all points to zero too. So far so good, but what makes Class Dojo really interesting is that once the class has ended, the programme displays a pie chart with the results of all student behaviour.

If you use Class Dojo every class, then you can select periods of time (days of the week, terms, etc) to display records for. You can also choose individual students and display their progress.

There are report cards that you can print off (on paper or PDF) for your own records or to give to the students or parents. You can also add and change the behaviour categories when you select ‘edit class'. This way you can tailor make the programme to suit the behaviour you want to reward or stop in your own class.

Most teachers maintain charts in their classrooms where they award points or stars for good behaviour, tidiness, hard work and so on. With ClassDojo, this can be done online in a very engaging and attractive way.

A final handy feature is the ability to use a smartphone or iPad as a classroom remote. This allows you to award points as you move around the class observing the children at work. The main site, which you might leave displayed on the whiteboard, still updates in real time.